The TSA and Irwin Mitchell Will Writing Service

Why you should set up a will
It is really important to set up a Will and make sure it is kept up to date. Your will is the record to your family about how your estate should be distributed. It gives peace of mind to your family that you’ve written down exactly what you want. It’s particularly important if you’ve got vulnerable people to think about and how they will be protected when you’re no longer here.

What about setting up a trust?
When you have a son or daughter with TSC you will want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have set up support for them after you have died. The Trustee service will guide you through the process of setting up a trust and highlight the areas you need to consider.

We can make it easy

The TSA has partnered with leading law firm Irwin Mitchell Solicitors to offer a Will Writing service. You can use the service to make a new Will or to update an existing Will.

Why have the TSA partnered with Irwin Mitchell Solicitors?

Irwin Mitchell Solicitors have years of experience in writing Wills. All Wills are reviewed by a legal professional, giving you reassurance that it is legally binding and accurate.

What does it cost?

Wills Discounted Fee to TSA community 
Postal - Single – Standard £110.00 
Postal - Mirror – Standard £150.00 
Postal - Trust Wills ( Single & Mirror) £395.00 
Meeting/Telephone (from) £495.00

These costs are for a Will prepared through the Irwin Mitchell postal Will Writing Service. If your requirements are more complex or a meeting is required you will be told about any additional charges.

How do I get in touch with Irwin Mitchell to find out more about this service


What will happen next?
After you have made contact with one of the Irwin Mitchell Team you will receive a Will Writing instruction form. Once you have completed and returned the form. Irwin Mitchell can begin preparation of your Will (and contact you to discuss further if needed). You will then have the opportunity to review and approve a draft of the Will and then the original is sent to you for signing.

Leaving a legacy to The TSA
When you come to write or revise your Will, please consider supporting The TSA by leaving a legacy. You can make a real difference to The TSA — and it is one of the best gifts you can give.

Gifts left to charity are exempt from tax, and very generous gifts can help you reduce the amount of inheritance tax your relatives will have to pay. Irwin Mitchell can advise you as part of the Will writing process.