TSA Family Day

2015 Annual General Meeting This year, the TSA changed its financial reporting year from April - March to the January – December. We did this in order to match the financial years of our funders and suppliers and so reduce the complexity of our accounting. As a consequence of this change to our financial year, we had originally intended to bring forward both the AGM and Membership Conference from their usual slot in November to a summer date for 2015.

Unfortunately, we are not now able to deliver this. The unusual combination of a much shorter lead in time to the event, coupled with the additional work relating to hosting the international TSC Research Conference here in the UK this September means that delivering a full-scale AGM and Membership Conference is beyond the capacity of our man-power resources. Rather than compromise on the programme and scale of the usual AGM and Membership Conference, the Board have taken a decision, for this exceptional year only, to hold our formal AGM in London at 2.00pm on the afternoon of Saturday 5th September 2015 at our London base in Southwark.

This will be a rare opportunity to see this facility which we share with a number of other voluntary organisations. We will provide a finger buffet lunch from 1.15pm for all who plan to attend. We will prioritise a return to the full scale Conference event for our membership from 2016 onwards. We will also take the opportunity of this enforced pause to check that our Membership Conferences deliver what you are most looking for from them moving forward. Please will you take a few minutes to fill out this survey (below) to let us know your views. 

Survey for the TSA Family Day 2016