Delineating impulsive behaviour in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Grant holder: Dr Lucy Wilde
Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders, University of Birmingham

Project status: Ongoing – due to finish end of Dec 2018.

The Junior Fellowship will build on recent studies of TSC carried out at the Cerebra Centre, which implicate a key role of impulsive behaviour (actions which appear poorly conceived or prematurely expressed) in negative outcomes for individuals with TSC (increased risk of engaging in self injurious and aggressive behaviours) and their caregivers (elevated caregiver stress). Despite this association there is a lack of rigorous research describing the phenomenology of impulsivity in TSC, underlying abilities and assessment methods. This level of understanding is essential if effective intervention for impulsivity is to be developed. The proposed project brings together a research team with diverse interests, enabling use of traditional neuropsychological assessments and innovative assessment methods drawing on the mainstream developmental literature. These will be drawn together to develop an assessment protocol capable of evaluating the broad construct of impulsivity across a range of abilities and ages. The project will focus on a relatively under researched area which is a recognised cause for concern to caregivers. It is anticipated that it will provide data to support an application for a larger scale study of impulsivity and proof of principle for intervention studies.

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