PhD studentship award: Dual inhibition of glycolysis and glutaminolysis for anti-tumour therapy in a Tsc2+/- mouse model

Grant holder: Dr Ming Hong Shen
: Institute of Cancer and Genetics, Cardiff University

Project status: Ongoing – no cost extension granted until 30 Apr 2019.

Many clinical trials have now established the efficacy of drugs called mTOR inhibitors (such as rapamycin and everolimus) for treatment of kidney growths in people with tuberous sclerosis. However, these treatments are not perfect: they have frequent but usually mild side effects, the growths usually only shrink by about 50% and they regrow if the treatment is stopped. This research will explore an alternative approach to treating kidney growths in a mouse model of tuberous sclerosis. The approach is based upon recent research that suggests the cells in tuberous sclerosis-associated tumours have abnormalities in their metabolism that makes them highly susceptible to drugs that affect metabolism. The researchers will compare the efficacy of the new approach with the efficacy of mTOR inhibitor treatment and the extent to which both treatments also affect the growth and health of the mice. The experiments are an essential step to determine whether it will be appropriate to undertake clinical trials in people with tuberous sclerosis.

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