EDiTS Study

Grant holder: Dr Charlotte Tye
Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London

Project status: Ongoing – due to finish 31 Oct 2018.

Previous findings from King’s College London suggest that the early years are key to understanding problems in social communication (e.g. autism spectrum disorder) and cognitive ability (e.g. intellectual disability) later in childhood in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. Still, very little is known about TSC in infancy. This is because previous work has asked parents to try to recall what their child was like in the first two years of life, and also because the tests used were not sensitive enough to these changes. This Junior Fellowship aims to better understand how the development of infants with TSC differs from typically developing infants.

In collaboration with the Birkbeck Babylab, this project will develop and test a novel state-of-the-art test battery for charting development in infancy much more frequently and in much greater detail. Importantly, these tests can be administered in the home as well as the clinic and research laboratory. The results from this study will help to identify factors that predict later behavioural outcomes and to track the effects of treatment very early in life. Ultimately, the findings will aid in the identification of infants who are at a higher risk for developing problems so that more effective intervention can be targeted in the future.

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