Last year our Tea & SCones for TSC appeal raised over £7,000 and we’d like to thank everyone who took part.

This year is our 40th Anniversary year, and we’re asking you to don your aprons, send out those invites and help us to raise even more money.

As a small charity all donations make a big difference to the research we fund and the support we offer. So, whether it’s £5 or £500, we’re always grateful.

Or you can visit our online shop by clicking the image of our exclusive Tea & SCones Apron or tea towel. This will take you to our Merchandise section where you can not only order the apron and the Tea towel, but also other fundraising items such as collection tins, trolley key rings and TSA pin badges.


Click HERE or on the Apron and Tea Towel to visit our shop >>>

And click HERE to see our #TeaandSCones 2017 video

To get you started, why not download our lovely Tea & SCones for TSC fundraising pack, which explains everything you need to know about the event, recipes and helpful tips... just click on the image to download the PDF.


The pack includes: 
 •   Fun ideas for your Tea & SCones party
 •   A tasty TSA scone recipe 
 •   Ways that you can donate or join our online community to show off your bakes using #TeaandSCones
 •   A poster and invitations to help you advertise your event
 •   Scone flags to beautify your bakes
 •   A message from a family affected by TSC to help your guests understand what it’s like to live with the condition


Tea & SCones Facebook Cover Image Download

To download the image just right click on the image below and then save it to your computer.