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Fundraising resorces for your instituion

See our resources section for lots of “how to” guides to help you with your fundraising.




We have fundraising items that we can send to you so you can make your fundraising at a school a success! From stickers, information leaflets, badges for the children and more. Contact we’ll provide everything you need.





If you are from a University and want to organise an event for the TSA, we’ll be right here to help you. We’ve got t-shirts & merchandise, expert event organising advice and we can organise a speaker to come and speak at the event to raise awareness of the condition and the work of the charity. Get in touch with contact

Every year university students raise thousands for good causes. Many Universities have a fundraising society; in most cases these groups are called RAG (Raising and Giving). RAG societies give funds in a variety of ways; it could be by application, presentation or recommendation from a local person.

You can help us in 4 easy steps:

 1.  Go to your local University website or give them a call
2.  Search for ‘fundraising committee’ or ‘RAG’ or ask to speak to the person in charge of student fundraising
3.  Email or ask how charities apply or can be considered for a donation and if there are any guidelines or deadlines charities should be aware of
4.  GET IN TOUCH and let us know the outcome.