Bethan Vaughan - Research Grants Assistant

Bethan joined us in August 2017 as a Research Grants Assistant (intern); where she assists Alison Cooper (Head of Research) with work for their 2018 Grant Award Round. Bethan has a degree in BSc Genetics from Aberystwyth University. Although Bethan has lived in Wales for most of her life, she now lives in Surrey where she is able to easily commute into London for research-related meetings and conferences. She has two sisters, Katie and Emma. Katie suffers from TSC and it was this that drove Bethan to peruse a career in genetic research. She hopes to remain with the TSA for as long as she can. “The TSA is an amazing charity. I hope that as a Research Grants Assistant, I will be able to help provide the best research possible for TSC sufferers and their families."

Bethan works Monday to Thursday.