Report from The Dallas World TSC Conference 2018

The World TSC Conference is held by the TS Alliance every four years. This year it was held in Dallas, Texas in 26-29 July 2018.

In order to increase UK representation at this exciting event and to open out the experience to members of our community; the TSA advertised a bursary scheme to provide a small amount of funding for the TSC community to attend.

Annemarie Cotton and Carole Hagan were successful in their applications and attended the conference along with Head of Support Services, Clare Kassa.

Annemarie, Carole and Clare made very detailed notes on the sessions they attended and these have been distilled into the document linked below.

Report from Dallas July 2018 Report from Dallas July 2018 (277 KB)

Video conference presentations can be found at:

Previously published blogs from Carole and Annemarie on their experiences in Dallas can be found at: