Tuberous Sclerosis News

  • Campaign call to write to your MP to challenge unfair access to medicine and care for people with Rare Diseases - ahead of a Westminster debate.

    Date: 25-Mar-2017

    Recently, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Rare, Genetic and Undiagnosed Conditions published a report which showed that the UK Strategy for Rare Diseases is not being implemented effectively in England. You can read the full report online on the Rare Disease UK website (). The four nations .. ...more

  • Survey on disability and housing

    Date: 22-Mar-2017

    The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) want to hear directly from disabled people and relevant organisations in England, Scotland and Wales to help them to understand whether the availability of accessible and adaptable housing and the support services around it fulfils disabl.. ...more

  • Carers Assessments - help in Scotland

    Date: 22-Mar-2017

    A carers assessment is a chance to discuss your needs with your local council. The assessment is free and your local council will use it to decide what support to give you. Don't be put off by the word 'assessment'. It is not a test about how good you are at caring. It is to work out what c.. ...more

  • New booklet for young people with autism in Scotland

    Date: 22-Mar-2017

    Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) - has developed a new booklet for young people of high school age who may have autism, or have already been diagnosed with autism. It explains the advice for healthcare professionals on how to help people with autism. It looks at asse.. ...more