White Stuff volunteers join #TeamTSA

We were recently joined by nine employees from top fashion label White Stuff who gave up a day of their time to volunteer for us. The nine - Nick Bradley, Nicola Pollard, Marcel Byfield, Morad Lamaani, Louise Kither, Lauren Husbands, Denise O'Donnell,  Fatima Badri and Sorel Ozetem - worked their socks off by taking publicity posters for our forthcoming #TeaandSCones2017 week to a range of community venues all around London. 

Feedback from the team, led by Fatima Badri, after our The Apprentice-style team 'competition' event included:

'Fantastic day raising awareness. Had great feedback from everyone who took part. Lots of interest in local communities.'

'Really enjoyed the day. Great way to spread the word about the charity. Have got lots of likes and comments on my social posts. Loved learning about the charity.'

'Thank you to the TSA for organising this day for us. The TSA is a fantastic organisation that has helped me greatly. The day has been wonderful for raising awareness of TSC.'

'It's been a great day walking through the streets of East London and having a chance to talk to local people helping their communities. We managed to spread the word about TSC and #TeaandSCones2017'

Volunteer Manager for the TSA Tanya Darnton said: 'It was an absolutely brilliant day and our wonderful White Stuff volunteers did a fantastic job for us. We are very grateful indeed for all their help and are looking forward to continuing our involvement with the company through the White Stuff Foundation.'

If you would like to volunteer for the TSA in any way then please get in touch with Volunteer Manager Tanya Darnton on tanya.darnton@tuberous-sclerosis.org or call her on 02380 730 823 or 07597 180 088. #TeamTSA