Latest Janet Medcalf award helps ease the pain of Storm Frank

Kelly Gibson of Dumfries is the latest winner of our £300 quarterly Janet Medcalf Award

Kelly says: "We live in Dumfries and run two busy businesses.The Waterfront Takeaway is on the Whitesands and was completely flooded during Storm Frank last December. The water was 4 feet high in the shop and we were closed for a week to clean up, we lost all of our stock and some fridges. Obviously we had no income for the whole week and staff still needed to be paid. 

"It's been all go since then to start rebuilding our business which supports us as a family. Winning the Janet Medcalf award has come at a fantastic time and will allow us to treat our two girls and take them away for some family time away from all the stress of getting back on our feet. Erin is 9, Darcy is two and has TSC. She has cardiac, brain and skin involvement, however at the minute her seizures are well controlled with meds and she's a happy wee girl. 

"She's not been able to start nursery yet as we are waiting on the staff being trained properly on her medicines,so days out to community farms and soft play are the only time she really mixes with her peers and the money will enable us to do this! 

"The TSA has been a HUGE support to us from Darcy's diagnosis pre-birth. The Scottish advisor Lynn is always on hand to answer any questions and has sent us loads of info for health professionals and to give to carers and family. On our wedding photos you can see that we are all wearing TSA badges, in fact those were our favours and all guests wore them. We've done a lot of fundraising for the TSA and it's something we really enjoy as a family!"