TS World Conference - 'So my bags are packed and I am ready to fly' writes Clare Kassa

The World Conference on TSC in Dallas, Texas, starts in three days time. Here's our first blog post from Clare Kassa, our Head of Information and Support, as she gets ready to head West.

So my bags are nearly packed and I have downloaded the app of the conference programme.  It is nearly time to fly.  I am excited to meet the international TSC community and learn as much as I can over the coming week.  This will be the first conference I have attended on TSC and my first world conference too, so it is hard to know what to expect.  Although, so far it looks like it will be busy, and I will need to get my walking shoes on as the hotel is over 600,000 square feet and there will be a 1000 delegates!  So what has caught my eye on the programme so far?

·         TAND workshop (TSC Associated Neuropsychiatric Disorders)

·         Seizure types and treatments for infants and children with TSC

·         SEGA and treatment options

·         Sleep Disorders and TSC

·         Preventative Trials and Caannabidiol

·         Autism spectrum Disorders, Biomarkers, Therapeutic Options and clinical trials

·         Mental health issues and living with TSC as an adult

·         Aggressive Behaviour Management

·         Genetics made simple

One or two of the sessions I really want to attend are on at the same time, so will be talking to my fellow British attendees, to see if we can swap notes!

I shall look forward to reporting back on all things TSC, Stateside, in the coming days.  Watch this space!

You can follow Clare at the conference on Twitter at @uktsa and @clkgibson