'Oh, MRI Scan' by Joel Yearby


'I wrote this after my ultrasound - it's a rough draft,' writes Joel, who has recently been diagnosed with TSC.

Oh MRI scan here we are,  soon meet up again for I remember the noise you make, as you do what you do for here we are again to check on my tumors that grows inside of me.

For this time the tumors seems to be blocking the view of my kidneys, for I know we have to be checked on with tuberous sclerosis ever so often to keep an eye on my tumors, to decide on whether I need a pill to reduce the size of the tumors or go under a knife.

While I'm laying inside you MRI scan, though it's hard to take thought for keep on making, even though im getting use to it, for we meet at some point my life to keep check on my tumors, I just think like, with my tuberous sclerosis, that I'm one of the lucky ones, that don't get fits.

Oh MRI scan, for of course I remember no metal or magnetic force would kill me, but oh the power of you.

But please have mercy let my tumors not be too bad and be the pill that I have to take, for I'm afraid to go under knife to reduce the tumors.

Oh MRI scan i ask this only of thee as you look inside of me. Oh MRI scan, let not my arms hurt this time for I am big and the space seems so small.

Oh please let me be not afraid any more of the unknown, and of my tumors that grow within me.