An A-Z (In Rhyme) of TSC

An A-Z (In Rhyme) of TSC


B is for BENIGN - astrocytomas. 

C is for COMPLEX - describing TS.

D is for DERMATOLOGY – the skin therefore - no less.

E is for EPILEPSY - that’s seizures or fits.

F is for FACIAL a rash - Boneheads call zits.

G is for GENES –both TSCI and TSCII.

H is for HOPE - to find a Cure - let’s do.

I is for INDIFFERENCE – towards us we’ve felt.

J is for JERKS – like seizures and Ignorant louts.

K is for KETOGENIC - a diet for some.

L is for LAM -affecting women’s lungs.

M is for MONITORING - all Patients progress.

N is for NOTING - Asperger’s and stress.

O is for OUTLOOK - it’s Twenty Years Old.

P is for PARTY – for it we’ve been told.

Q is for QUESTIONNAIRES - for years them we’ve filled in.

R is for RETINAL – with lesions therein.

S is for STIGMA – which causes us Grief.

T is for TSA – which gives Help and Relief.

U is for UNDERSTANDING-with Friendships and Trust.

V is for VOICES – to raise Awareness a must.

W is for WORKING – to fundraise always.

X is just simply for important X-RAYS.

Y is for YEARNING - to beat TSC.

Z is for ZEST - for how good this would be.

By Paul Maywood, February MMXVI.