Fact Sheets


We have a number of factsheets on Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and its related conditions. You can download them here, but also request printed copies from you Regional TSA Advisor .

We have also tried to gather useful information from other websites – see the Useful Links section. 


Click on the cover image to download:



Genetics and TSC (currently being updated)

TSC Publications - Genetics Leaflet TSC Publications - Genetics Leaflet (116 KB)


TSC and Epilepsy (currently being updated)

TSC Publications - TSC and Epilepsy Leaflet TSC Publications - TSC and Epilepsy Leaflet (224 KB)


Guidelines for the behavioural issues in TSC (currently being updated)

TSA - Behavioural Guides APPROVED TSA - Behavioural Guides APPROVED (971 KB)


Dermatological Leaflet (currently being updated)

Dermatological Leaflet Dermatological Leaflet (766 KB)


LAM Guidelines

LAM Guidelines LAM Guidelines (428 KB)