1. Bath Supraregional TSC Clinic

    The Bath Supraregional TSC clinic is the largest and most established TSC service in the UK and sees both children and adu..

  2. Belfast TSC Clinic

    This clinic is held at Belfast City Hospital where both children and adults are seen under the direction of senior medical staff..

  3. Birmingham TSC Clinic

    Dr Larissa Kerecuk, Rare Disease Lead at Birmingham Children's Hospital, heads the new TS clinic which takes place on a re..

  4. Cambridge TSC Clinic

    This clinic is held at Addenbrooke's Hospital,Cambridge. It sees children and currently specialises in the genetic and neurologi..

  5. Cardiff TSC Clinic

    The TSC clinic in Cardiff is held monthly at the: Institute of Medical Genetics The University Hospital of Wales Hea..

  6. Glasgow Supraregional TSC Clinic

    The Glasgow Supraregional TSC clinic has been established for 9 years and sees both children and adults. We have a large team o..

  7. Leeds Children's Hospital TSC Clinic - NEW

    Leeds Children’s Hospital has a newly established clinic for children with a confirmed diagnosis of TSC. The clinic is held ever..

  8. Leeds TSC Clinic

    This clinic is held at the Clinical Genetics Department at St James’s University Hospital, Leeds. The clinic sees Families..

  9. Liverpool Supra-Regional Tuberous Sclerosis Complex service for children and adults

    Alder Hey in the Park Children's NHS Foundation Trust (paediatrics, until 18 years of age) (https://alderhey.nhs.uk/pa..

  10. London, Institute of Psychiatry

    This clinic is held at the Institute of Psychiatry. The clinic sees both children and adults, with or without a learning disabil..

  11. London, Royal Free Hospital Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic

    This clinic is held at The Royal Free Hospital London. The clinic sees adults, and is under the personal direction of Dr D..

  12. London, St Georges TSC Clinic

    This clinic is held at St George Hospital, London. The clinic sees both children and adults, and is under the personal direction..

  13. Manchester TSC Service

    There is a dedicated clinic for individuals with TSC at St Mary’s Hospital, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Fo..

  14. Newcastle - The Tuberous Sclerosis Specialist Clinic

    The Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle offers a multi-specialty clinic for patients and their family members with Tuberous sc..

  15. Nottingham: National Centre for Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM)

    Click HERE (#) to visit. Provides a comprehensive clinical service for patients with LAM situated at The Nottingham University H..

  16. York TSC Clinic

    An epilepsy clinic for Adults with TSC, this clinic is under the direction of Profesor Pamela Crawford, Consultant Neurologist. ..