Cardiff TSC Clinic

The TSC clinic is held monthly at the:

Institute of Medical Genetics
The University Hospital of Wales
Heath Park,
Cardiff CF14 4XW.
Dr Mark Davies will be joining Professor Julian Sampson (Professor of Medical Genetics) and Dr Anurag Saxena (Clinical Research Fellow) as part of the TS Clinic team in Cardiff. The next TSC clinic at University Hospital Wales in Cardiff will be on Friday, March 31, and the following one is on Friday, April 21. Please note that attendance is by appointment only so if you feel you need to go to one these clinics, or any on later dates, then please see your GP in the first instance, or talk to your TSA Adviser (Wales post vacant currently (July 3 2017)). 

Please note: as we do not currently have a TSA Adviser for Wales in post, please, in the meantime, contact TSA Adviser for Scotland, Lynn Shields on 01236 608257 or email her on