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  • #TSA40stories 'Looking for others like me'

    ‘I wonder whether there are many other people like me out there, and if there are I would love to hear from them,’ says mum, grandmother and TSC carer Gail Finan. ‘My husband John has TSC as do two of my adult children. I’m a carer for John and Vicki, our middle daughter. I would love to be able to make contact with others who are in a similar position to me as I think the things we face are a bit different from what parents with young children with TSC face today. There has been so.. ...more

  • 'Those were my handbag throwing days!'

    In 1970, Victoria Willson (pictured right) was born in North London. A beautiful baby her parents Jean and Norman were besotted with her. They were already no strangers to heartache as their elder daughter Tara had been born in 1966 with spina bifida and Jean had suffered three subsequent miscarriages before Victoria finally came along to complete their family. But their joy was short lived. Victoria was constantly in hospital with infantile spasms and failing to thrive. Furt.. ...more

  • #TSA40stories 'I'd say to anyone - just go for it!'

    ‘We were devastated when our granddaughter Jemima was diagnosed with TSC, and we felt so helpless,’ says Diana Guy, former headteacher and, since 2013, a committed fundraiser for the TSA. ‘It was a very difficult time for us all, and I remember initially having a tremendous feeling of helplessness. ‘But we wanted to do something, anything! So I thought to myself ‘Well, what can I do?’’ Diana, 68, a keen gardener, had already fundraised for other charities through the Nationa.. ...more

  • #TSA40stories 'We can't wait to do it again!'

    Ziggy Ahmed and Sue Brown have been Katherine Lukash’s support workers for seven years. Last year Katherine, 56, who has TSC, and Ziggy, who plays prop forward for Rochdale Mayfield Rugby Club in his spare time, and Sue, a keen recreational horserider, all decided to volunteer for the TSA. Katherine, a keen rugby and football fan, had lived with her mother, Barbara, for all her life. But in 2008, Barbara, a former nurse, sadly passed away and a new chapter began in Kather.. ...more