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  • Seizure Trackerâ„¢ - Empowering families living with epilepsy to take an active role in their own healthcare

    Robert Moss, TSC father, explains how the need to keep track of his young son Evan's TSC-related seizures, led to the development of Seizure Tracker™. When we became parents we never expected to be dealing with a chronic health issue. When Evan was born, we were thrilled to have a second child and enjoyed watching our daughter Aria meet him for the first time. Evan was perfectly healthy and we went home to adjust to life with a new baby in the house. Evan began having.. ...more

  • Managing Challenging Behaviour by TS parent Carole Hagan

    Carole Hagan, a parent of a 28 year old daughter with challenging TSC and autism, shares strategies from what she has learned both as a parent and from a long career in education. Over the years, I have attended many sessions on behaviour strategies, but didn’t learn much that worked. Everyone is different and what might work for one might not work for another. If Autism is involved then my advice is 'Go with the Flow!' However bad things are - it will get .. ...more

  • TSC and challenging behaviour by Dr Jane Waite

    This is an overview of the presentation on TSC and challenging behaviour by Dr Jane Waite, scheduled to be given at the TSA Big Day on Saturday, 10 November at Sheffield Hallam University. Behaviours that challenge such as self-injurious behaviour, aggression and property destruction have been reported to occur in at least a third of individuals with TSC, and recent research has shown that these behaviours can persist over time. Despite this, behaviours that challenge are not inevitable in T.. ...more

  • #worldTSCconference - 'Feeling like one of us, and not one of them' by Annemarie Cotton

    Wednesday 25th July I really can’t quite believe I am in the airport on my own. No airport Special Assistance (daughter!), no last minute unpacking because of large bottles of shower gel in the hand luggage (teenage son!) or panicky conversations about locking the back door (husband!). Instead I am wandering around the duty-free shops trying to find a balance between excitement of heading off to the TSC World Conference and the growing sense of “oh my goodness what do.. ...more