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  • A Festive Thank You To You All!

    Christmas is almost upon us and we would like to say ‘thank you’ to everyone in the TSA community. First off, a huge thank you to everyone who has volunteered in every way for the TSA this year. Your help and commitment is invaluable, and we are looking forward to building on what we have accomplished so far to give even more help and support to the TSA Community in 2016 and beyond. Next up, massive thanks to everyone who has fund-raised or donated to the TSA this yea.. ...more

  • Eamonn McConville - Tri for Matthew

    This year is the 10th anniversary of our son Matthew who passed away on 11 August 2004 aged 12. In his short life he made such a huge impact on everyone that he met. He loved people and when you met him he made you feel so special. For all his difficulties Matthew lived life to the full and that was in no small way due to the love and care that he received from our wonderful family and friends. He has left a special bond between us all and that was so evident when we first mooted the i.. ...more

  • Bethan's Vaughan - My Week In The Lab

    During global awareness week, and with a focus on ‘World of Thanks’ it is timely for the TSA to show our appreciation of all the work undertaken by TSC researchers globally that over the years have helped enhance our understanding of the condition and develop methods of treatment and management of TSC. One such team of researchers are based at Cardiff University. The team based within the Institute of Cancer & Genetics have been at the forefront of TSC research over the last.. ...more

  • Marc Evans - My London Marathon

    "I see every day how TSC has affected Trystan and see how the work of the TSA has benefited the family with help and support." Marc Evans, one of our London Marathon runners for 2014, on elite marathon running and raising money for Tuberous Sclerosis. To follow all the TSA marathon runners on Sunday 13 April visit our Twitter feed @UKTSA This London marathon will be my 9th time and the second time raising money for the TSA. I have always been a keen runner, during my younger day.. ...more