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  • Rob Vaughan for #trusteesweek

    We asked some of our trustee's to answer some questions about what it's like to be a Trustee for the TSA. Here's what Rob Vaughan, Treasurer, said: Why did you become a trustee of TSA? My daughter suffers from TSC and i wanted to give something back to an organisation that does so much to help suffers of the condition and their families. I felt that my accountancy knowledge and the fact that I work as an accounting in practice may be of some benefit - the financial requir.. ...more

  • Research - The Journey Ahead

    Since the TSA awarded its very first grant in 1982, we’ve funded vital research that has increased our understanding of TSC. Research can seem a slow business. The average length of time that it takes to bring a medicine from the laboratory bench, through trials and into clinical use is 15 years. It’s astonishing to think that it is precisely that length of time since the TSC1 and TSC2 genes were cloned and that, because of these discoveries, there is now a medicine to treat some of .. ...more

  • Martin Short for #trusteesweek

    Currently Deputy Chairman, and soon to be Chair, Martin Short shares his thoughts for #trusteesweek (https://twitter.com/TrusteesWeek) Why did you become a Trustee for the TSA? I have been a member of the TSA for over 25 years. I was invited to join a sub-committee of the Board, then the Board elected me Deputy Chairman. All you need to do apparently is keep saying yes! What does your role as a trustee involve? The TSA is a people organisati.. ...more

  • Marie James for #trusteesweek

    Marie James, bringing a mothers perspective to the Trustee Board for #trusteesweek (https://twitter.com/TrusteesWeek) Why did you become a trustee of TSA? Our youngest son Trystan, was diagnosed with TSC in 1987 when he was 8 months of age. We have always regarded ourselves fortunate that we learned on diagnosis of the existence of the TSA and made immediate contact. We gained the most heartening support and accurate information at a time when the telephone and postal .. ...more