Tuberous Sclerosis News

  • Positive results in topical rapamycin trial

    The TSA is really pleased to hear of such positive results from a recent trial of topical rapamycin for the treatment of facial angiofibromas. The study, which took place in America and Au..

  • Announcing your new #TeamTSA fundraising contacts

    At the TSA we try to give everyone who engages with us an experience where they feel valued and supported. This includes people living with TSC, their families and carers as well as a..

  • TS Global Awareness Day

    May 15 is #TSGlobalDay, the day on which the international Tuberous Sclerosis Community shares information and their stories about TSC to raise awareness of this condition, which..

  • TSC Global Awareness Day - Tuesday, 15 May

    Tuesday May 15 is TSC Global Awareness Day (, the day we hope as many people as possible in the TS community worldwide will join together to help raise awarenes..