Tuberous Sclerosis News

  • Write Away to cure TSC

    Posted on 10th January, 2010 With your help, the possibility of a cure is closer than ever. As TSC is a significant genetic cause of epilepsy and autism, every pound raised to find ..

  • Votubia Launched in UK

    The Tuberous Sclerosis Association (TSA) is delighted that the drug Votubia® (Everolimus) was launched in the UK today, to provide a treatment option for people with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex..

  • Votubia (Everolimus) Fact Sheet

    Votubia® (everolimus) Fact Sheet What is Votubia® (everolimus)? Votubia® (everolimus), is a prescription-only medicine for patients at least three years of age with subependymal..

  • UK clinical trial results published

    Having been closely involved with the project from inception, the TSA is delighted to report that the TESSTAL clinical trial of Sirolimus has been published in the academic press*. As a phase ..